Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Name

There is a major incongruity in the name of my blog and its actual content lately. This is partially because I am converting to Judaism and that has been consuming my mindspace far more than babymaking, and it is partially because we have had to put off those plans since getting into our house and trying to get our finances in order again.

My new blog address is

It has all of my old posts - I just changed the name and address, and then actually had to create this one new in order to redirect my few followers. As you can see, the future motherhood piece is still a major part of it, because that is still my primary intention of the blog - to have somewhere to work through the major project that I know it will be and that I know others can share in. It is certainly not unique to us.

I can no longer say "well, it's about Judaism now because that's what I'm focused on as I convert, but it will go back to being about starting a family." With my conversion just over a week away, I am realizing that this will always be infused into every aspect of my life, and that my blog going forward will most likely be about both, and likely intertwined rather than separate.

So there it is. If you're not bored yet, come visit me at the new spot!